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My son recently starting seeing Dr Samad at IBP for his anxiety and learning better coping skills. He loves it. They are still in the getting to know you/ trust you phase of therapy so I haven't seen a ton of progress, but I know that it is a process. He looks forward to his therapy every week. I know that Dr Samad is going to help my son and I'm happy to have found IBP.

Saif ur Rehman


I’ve been working with Dr Samad for almost two months and he has been so wonderful. My experience with IBP has been nothing less than exceptional from the very first phone call to the office. Communication has always been great and I’m so thankful to have found such an amazing therapist to work with with. I would highly recommend IBP to all of my friends and family.

Qaiser Mehmood


It’s been a great experience overall. I’ve had around 8-10 sessions with IBP so far and so far I think it is lovely to work with. IBP helped me decompress my thoughts about different things which is subconsciously giving me a better ability to process some of my childhood and more recent life experiences.

Salman Khawar


After having intense migraines for 10 plus years that escalated into sleep seizures, I was only getting worse. I had many side effects…memory loss, difficulty processing thoughts and communicating, depression, and extreme anxiety. When I began IBP, I felt relief and positive changes to my brain function within my first few treatments, since finishing treatment, the issues I was struggling with have not returned. There really are no words to describe how the treatment has helped restore my brain, my overall health and my life!

Asad Latif


Who knew that changing my brain condition would not only change the direction of my life, it would ultimately save it. My doctor’s recognition of my depressed and altered brain function and subsequent treatment with IBP was a pivotal key that unlocked my future as I was facing a terminal diagnosis.

Kashif Mehmood


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