IBP is Dedicated to Your Health and Well Being.

The Institute of Brain Power (IBP) is a brain child of Muhammad Abdus Samad.

The primary purpose of the institute is to give healing sessions to those who have any kind of physical, psychological, or emotional ailments, and to give people awareness about the complementary medicine method of healing. This method of healing needs no medicine or any physical tool for cure. It relies upon different natural and scientific techniques which heals a person naturally.

IBP is a center of excellence focused on providing comprehensive psychological care to adults, couples, teenagers and children.


People Counseled

Talking to us itself a counseling session



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Healing Sessions

Bring enormous changes in one’s life


Healing Audios & Videos

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For us, your happiness matters!!

The secondary purpose is to provide training in different disciplines of brain power and mind sciences by arranging lectures, sessions, courses and workshops in different fields to bring positive changes e.g. Reiki, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Silva Methods, Fourth Dimension, Dimensional Shift etc.

The Institute is keen to unlock human capabilities using brain power to reach an acme of our worldly and spiritual life by providing trainings in different disciplines of knowledge.

The institute also creates awareness through informative articles, audios, and videos using print, electronic and social media. Infotainment is also a part of our efforts.